lawblogs.net.au is just an aggregated set of RSS feeds, mainly from blogs written by Australian lawyers. Generally they are law-related and relatively technical, but that is by no means a rule. The reason I have used RSS feeds, rather than just making a list of blogs that I’ve found, is that this approach keeps the site current. Blogs that have not been updated in a while (or abandoned, which unfortunately is fairly common) get pushed off the front page. Frequently updated blogs are frequently found on the front page here.

If I have added your own RSS feed and you are not happy about that, I will delete your feed as soon as you ask me to. If I have not added your blog to this site and you would like me to, then I will probably do so on request, provided your blog fits the purpose of lawblogs.net.au.

If you are thinking of starting a blog relevant to this site, I may be able to host it here – an example URL would be jasonkorke.lawblogs.net.au

The manager of this site – but not (usually) the blogs it links to – is Jason Korke, a barrister at the Victorian Bar.

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